Best New Comics of 2018

Best New Comics of 2018


A Classic


In a world where everything has gone digital, from jaw-dropping HD televisions, to immersive virtual reality, some might think that entertainment mediums where you have to read all but die out. The truth is, however, that books and comics are as popular as ever. It turns out the digital world just can’t compare to holding something tangible. The smells, the feel of that slick, freshly minted comic can’t be replicated.


It seems there will always be a place for the classic medium of comics and it is easy to see why. Comics only keep getting better. With enthralling storylines and stylish graphics, these comics are nothing short of art. So we put together a list of some of the best comics of 2018:


Astro City - This has been a comic book staple for a while now, with artwork that is both literally and metaphorically out of this world. It doesn’t hurt that the characters and storylines are so engaging sometimes you forget you are only reading about the world, and not immersed in it. This remains to many one of the best superhero comic series out there, which makes its recent conclusion as an ongoing monthly comic that much more bittersweet. With that said, the series will continue in original graphic novels.


Flavor - The name of this comic says it all; in a fantasy realm reminiscent of the films of Hayao Miyazaki, chefs are the ultimate heroes and food the ultimate treasure, but a young up-and-coming chef named Xoo starts to unravel a mystery which may bring everything crashing down. There is a unique style and vibe this comic gives out that keeps readers coming back for more. Published by Image Comics and written by Joseph Keatinge with art by Wood Jin Clark, this comic is appropriate for all ages, yet still manages to be inventive and imaginative. It is pretty impressive when a comic can be appropriate for all ages, and still come up with concepts that are fresh enough to keep even the most seasoned readers guessing.


The Highest House - This great comic was published by IDW Publishing and written by Mike Carey, with art was done by Peter Gross. This is a massive series, both in the scope of its stories and artwork, as well as the volumes of the comics themselves. The story is set in a rich, detailed and nuanced fantasy realm, and tells the story of Moth, a helpless slave who gets an opportunity to elevate himself, but has to navigate the complex, mysterious and dangerous corridors of power in order to do so.
In addition, ‘Highest House’ represents some of the thickest comics for a new series in all of America. This classic will please everyone from nerds who go out of their way to learn Klingon, to the casual reader. This is definitely one worth checking out.


The Lie and How We Told It - A gripping comic published by Fantagraphics books, this comic delves into a deep examination of a conversation from a single night. In time this narrative evolves into an impressive tell-all scope that scrutinizes how all of society chooses to interact with each other. This is a visionary comic that explores profound concepts like masculinity, femininity, the human condition, and much more. A great work that will really get your noodle going.


Prism Stalker - Another one from Image Comics, Prism Stalker is a sci-fi fantasy thriller that wastes no time diving head first into unique cultures, sciences, and alien worlds. With such a large scope of work, what is most impressive is how personal and emotionally engaging the story is even among all these big concepts.

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