Comic Book Recommendation of the Day Silver Surfer by Steve Englehart

Silver Surfer by Steve Englehart

Silver Surfer #1-31

We're up to 1987. The Silver Surfer gets his second ongoing series, and the first we're he's traveling the space ways. As he spent his original series trapped on earth.

We just talked about Steve Englehart's classic work on Avengers, with the Celestial Madonna Saga. This series begins with him paired with Marshall Rogers. The two had previously collaborated on some beloved Batman stories, which we'll discuss another day. The art reigns were then handed to Joe Staton, famed for his cartoony style of drawing, talents he currently puts to use on the Dick Tracy comic strip. The art style then shifted drastically, adding the extra details lines which would define superhero comics in the '90s, when Ron Lim took over. I do have a fondness for Ron Lim. He drew a lot of Silver Surfer comics across many years, and was the Surfer artist during my formative years reading comics, and so was the artist I most associated with the Surfer for my entire childhood.

This run is particularly special to me, as it includes some of the earliest comics I ever read. I got my first comic in Fall of '89 and received a batch from Christmas a few months later. If my memory serves (I am getting a bit old), both Silver Surfer #15 and #28 were in that set.

The Rogers arc is a story involving the Elders of the Universe--Champion, Collector, Runner, Grandmaster, Possessor, Gardener, Contemplator, Astronomer, Oliterator, and Trader. Plus Ego, the living planet. They come into possession of the Infinity Gems, the very gems that Thanos once assembled into a weapon that destroys stars.

In issue 15 (again, one of my earliest comics), Silver Surfer, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman enter a black hole in search of the Elders and the Gems. Issue 28 concerns intergalactic politics in the Skrull empire, as the Kree and Skrulls are ready to go to war again.

I also have a fondness for issue 23, a stand-alone story with a philosophical bent in which Silver Surfer battles an alien creature, and come to realize he was in the wrong.

The beginning of this series is collected here alongside other material.

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