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SPONGEBOB COMICS #53 : 'Sea-quake!' The ocean floor rumbles and Bikini Bottom is split in two! But with a huge chasm separating SpongeBob from his beloved Krusty Krab, what's a poor fry cook to do? A certain Mr. Plankton has some ideas! Presented in SHAKE-O-RAMA, the deep sea's newest reading-gimmick sensation! Then in 'Choose Your Words,' SpongeBob and Patrick decide to cut the chatter and just speak one word for the rest of their silly lives. And you've never see one word wreak such havoc! All this plus 'SpongeFunnies' by Kochalka and facts about Sea Cucumbers courtesy of Maris Wicks! Chuck Dixon, Graham Annable Jacob Chabot, Graham Annable Jacob Chabot)


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